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We help organizations deliver quality software products and services to their target markets.   "Thrive in Paradise" may seem optimistic, however, our engagement history has shown we make highly profitable worry-free, automated digital eco-systems, in essence, a digital paradise.

For many software delivery engagements, “going live” defines an end point where vendor responsibilities abruptly stop or taper off significantly. Issues that arise in the production environment become your responsibility, sapping staff time and crowding out capacity to deliver against other IT priorities.

Our application consulting services span the full software life cycle to help you expand capabilities, improve business processes and increase application value. Our approach to application consulting entails assessment, delivery and management services that span the entire software life cycle. We help our clients to improve business processes, expand capabilities, increase application value and free internal resources.

Our consulting services include: Planning and strategy, implementation, modernization, custom application development, integration, upgrades and enhancements.

Sample Client Solutions

Rescued stalled project with security and deployment challenges

Solution saved taxpayers millions of dollars annually by replacing disks and tapes, automating order and redemption processes for Financial Institutions marketing United States Savings Bonds paper products. Annually, approximately 4 billion dollars comprising 100,000 transactions daily from 30,000 users were processed with 50% of volume in December. Critical success factors included security, reliability, ease of use and data entry responsiveness.

Reduced onboarding time and cost

In response to a on-boarding backlog of Federal and State Agencies created reference implementations, API documentation, unit tests and getting started instructions of a call back request model and diagnostic tools for and Identity Verification System to ease Agency implementation time. The resulting documentation and sample code enabled agencies to implement without technical assistance, greatly reducing time and costs.

Stalled project rescue

Brought in to rescue project by providing architecture, engineering, transition and on-boarding development and support for pilot banks and billers. Utilized HP Select Federation SAML in a broker model with FRB acting as a trusted third party. Provided integration documentation and guidance for internal and external pilot development teams. Trained operations staff in system maintenance and on-boarding.

Occasional Occupancy Worker System

Technology refresh with additional features, solved some of the first person challenges of occasional use office space. Enabled remote, occasionally in office workers to reserve space, locate colleagues, map printers and other resources.

Position Sharing & Situational Awareness application

Position Sharing & Situational Awareness application 4.2+ Google Play rating!

Shared Business Application Accelerator Services Design and Implementation

Led the definition and implementation of a shared service for Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) with Layered Security using IBM business service infrastructure, annual $2m savings

  • Average application provisioning time with external connectivity in three business days
  • Flexible runtime and deployment models easily allow for OmniChannel publication.
  • Enterprise security integration(Active Directory and LDAP) with layered security
  • Integration with WESB
  • Light Duty Operational Analytics
  • Netcool/NetIQ monitoring
  • Load balanced (session affinity, no session replication)
  • 4 hour RTO to geographically separated data center in different FEMA zone
  • Defined deliverables
  • Project initiated, progress tracked and communicated through completion, post implementation review
  • Created and presented Architecture, Information Security and support documentation as required by technology governance
IBM Worklight Server provides services such as data integration, data transformation, application security, device authentication, direct application update, auditing, and more:

BitCoin Bazaar Architecture Validation

Multinational localized system providing consumer-to-consumer sales services via the Internet, securing transactions with BitCoin escrow

  • Technology validation of cross platform system, translated and localized to 10 languages to facilitate private purchases using BitCoin escrow
  • User Experience <50ms response time
  • 10 language translation < 10 seconds
  • BitCoin Bazaar

Multisided media publishing and consumption platform

Created publishing and consumption platform connecting artists with patrons

  • Cost per offer per 10,000 users: $0.95
  • Customer Acquisition Cost per 10,000: $4.80
  • Est cost per transaction per 10,000: n/a
  • User Experience <50ms response time
  • Facilitated patent process, created exhibit flows
  • Application Services Design
  • PhotoSkit Web and Android App

Misc Work

  • Designed user based data stores for maximum delivery speed and security of COLD storage artifacts
  • Cross Boundary Web Services architecture, engineering, integration and delivery of ESB and B2B Siebel integration
  • Savings Bonds Direct - Engineering and delivery of a B2B Portal for commercial banks to order and redeem Savings Bonds
  • Quality control system integrated to local and remote LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)
  • AGV (Automated guided vehicle) control system ported from C to C++, Optomux line sensors installed and integrated. Database enabled for inventory integration.
  • Data driven sales force tracking system
  • Resource scheduling
  • Document scanning and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition)
  • Completed Bond transactions
  • Commercial Fleet Maintenance Management System
  • Spell Checker Component & service provider with Rich Text Editor
  • Classic ASP code automated conversion tool, resultant code implements Speed, Stability and security enhancements
  • ISAPI & Servlet Filter to prevent HotLinking

Knowledge Sharing

Tools and definitions General distribution model classification
  • B2B; Business to Business
  • B2C; Business to Consumer
  • B2E; Business to Employee
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